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FOX 2 News at 11PM (Repeat) The FOX2 Nightly News Team presents regional, state and national news along with the latest breaking news events, road conditions and the weather forecast.
Fox 2 News at 4AM (New) Early morning updates on local, regional and national news events are provided by the FOX 2 News Team, along with the latest weather and traffic information.
FOX 2 News at 5AM (New) The FOX 2 Morning News Team provides a look at updated news events, an up-to-the-minute weather forecast for the St. Louis area and the latest sports scores.
FOX 2 News at 5:30AM (New) Overnight news events are reviewed by the FOX 2 News Team, along with anticipated events of the day, business updates, sports scores, weather and traffic.
FOX 2 News at 6AM (New) The latest news events of the day, timely updates on sports, St. Louis area weather conditions and traffic issues are offered by the FOX 2 News Team.

Family Ties Mister Sister (TV-PG) Nick agrees to become the janitor at Mallory's sorority house and immediately sets to work cleaning the house, making sure it is spotless from top to bottom.
Growing Pains Jason and the Cruisers (TV-G) Maggie develops an intricate plan to surprise Jason by reuniting him with his beloved rock band from his years as a college student.
Growing Pains Fast Times at Dewey High (TV-G) The Seaver children are faced with yet another new school year providing challenges for all three of them; a bully threatens to meet Ben after school.
The Partridge Family Anatomy of a Tonsil (TV-G) A doctor and Shirley assure Danny that a tonsil operation is simple, but Danny believes his friend when he says his tonsil removal was a harrowing experience.
The Partridge Family Whatever Happened to Moby Dick? (TV-G) Danny puts an ad in the paper for a singing whale, and loads of people show up with their animals, including a dancing bear, a singing dog and a chimp.
The Joey Bishop Show Very Warm for Christmas (TV-G) Joey's mother purchases Santa and reindeer decorations for her lawn, but she decides to leave them up year-round to remind everyone about the Christmas spirit.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Scandal Put a Ring on It (HD, TV-14) When Michael finds himself caught in dangerous circumstances, the Gladiators step in to help; David puts the first part of his scheme in motion to destroy B613.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Crash and Burn (HD, TV-PG) Marcus Schrenker, a financial advisor who is facing lawsuits from clients and charges regarding securities violations, crashes his private plane in Florida.
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