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FOX 2 News in the Morning (New) Local, regional and national news events are reported by the FOX 2 News Team along with business news, sports, local weather conditions and traffic issues.
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McHale's Navy The Missing Link (TV-PG) Annoyed with Parker, the captain arranges for his transfer to an island the Japanese use for target practice, but his niece wants him around to study his body.
McHale's Navy Fuji's Big Romance (TV-PG) A visiting dignitary is expecting Binghamton to provide a demonstration of good will between the local natives and the Navy, but the timing is inconvenient.
Father Knows Best A Friend in Need (TV-G) A dog shows up in the Andersons' yard, but the canine displays talents no ordinary dog would have, leading Jim to think it escaped from a circus.
Father Knows Best A Medal For Margaret (TV-G) When Jim decides to build a new display case for all the children's different trophies, Margaret decides that she needs a trophy for herself.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Camera (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is asked to spend an entire evening outside in order to take a photograph of a nocturnal plant but ends up falling asleep in the process.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Miracle Plant Food (TV-G) Dennis purchases a plant in order to replace one that he has accidentally crushed, and Mr. Wilson is led to believe that he has invented a miracle fertilizer.

Boston Legal Gone (HD, TV-14) Denise Bauer conducts a frantic search for the son of her housekeeper who was kidnapped by a known pedophile; Alan Shore takes a case against Denny Crane.
Boston Legal Legal Deficits (HD, TV-14) Brad Chase wants an immediate trial with Denny Crane representing him after his arrest for impersonating an FBI officer and assaulting a priest.
Boston Legal The Cancer Man Can (HD, TV-14) The firm represents Daniel Post who is being sued by another participant in his test study; Denny is attracted to a 50-year-old woman trolling for a husband.
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